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Thanks to Jeff the house hunt did not turn out as the ordeal that I feared. Since the very beginning he made it clear he would have been there for me, at my service. Not only did he keep to his words, but also help me navigate through the intricate aspects of the real estate market in San Francisco, with great competence and confidence, yet always with complete respect for my lack of knowledge and experience. In other words, he guided me through the process more as a mentor than as an agent, introducing me to complicated concepts akin to permit regulations, building codes and property taxes with immense patience and extensive clarity. He has never tried to push me in directions I was even only hesitant to explore - a feature that distinguishes him from other realtors whose pressure on their clients has at times resulted in complaints I have personally heard. Despite the difficulty intrinsic in the task of looking for and choosing a property to purchase, Jeff's willingness to share his accumulated vast experience has made the path into one of effective progressive learning, that no text book or website would have allowed me to attain so expeditiously.

After a couple of offers that did not go through because of overbidding, Jeff was able to prevent me from getting discouraged with a light tact and his usual openness to my wavering. Moreover, whenever he felt a property was not worth investing my savings into, he would be blunt in disclosing his informed opinion. When we finally were able to put our hands on a condo that we both liked at first sight, his long accrued expertise became even more evident in securing that our offer would be accepted, despite the potential competition of others, and in dealing with the sellers agent and legal representatives. During the final rush towards the escrow closure he was continuously on the spot, making sure that all the required documentation were ready at the due time and that every single necessary step would be accurately completed by the established deadlines. He totally made the navigation through the endless stream of paperwork manageable and less cumbersome.

Just a little longer than four months elapsed since the first time we met for a preliminary conversation and the moment I was holding the keys of my first home in my hands. Overall it almost felt like an eye blink. Based on other friends' stories, I was prepared for a much longer and more painful path, but thanks to Jeff's competence, patience, ability to listen, and attention to the relevant and practical details of all the visited properties we could come to a positive conclusion in a very short time. Jeff has also continued to provide with valuable advice even after completion of my purchase transaction.

Should I need professional help in dealing with the sale and purchase of real estate in the future, without hesitation I will ask Jeff again for his help. Hopefully, he'll be available.

Maurizio F San Francisco, CA January 25, 2010

Having just obtained the keys fro our new San Francisco home, I can say first hand how important the right realtor is in finding a home for any new employees coming from out of San Francisco area to work at UCSF ITS. For any new hires I would, without hesitation, recommend Jeff of Citiland. Jeff is the realtor who patiently showed us home after home for seven Sundays and more than one Tuesday until we found one that was perfect for us. Frankly, there is so much complexity and competition and so much to watch out for in the real estate market (especially in the city) that I don't know how we would have managed without a first-rate real estate agent. Jeff never pressured us into buying and even, where appropriate, pointed out issues that caused us to reconsider certain properties. At no time did we get the feeling of being led, except in Jeff's guiding efforts to find a suitable home in our price range with our rather narrow requirements. Jeff Ancker was always available to us at virtually any hour during the search, during the sale and during escrow for whatever we needed up to an including post escrow trips up to the home for furniture measurements. The last thing Jeff said to us at the closing was, "Now that the sale is complete please don't hesitate to contact me at any time if you have questions, if you need advice or for want to discuss anything about your home purchase". Not only is this reassuring to us personally, but it speaks to Jeff's commitments to his clients. IT doesn't end after the sale.

J. F. Director, UCSF

I should say that Jeff recently sold our house on Steiner Street and before that; we sought him out to convince him to sell my deceased father-in-law's house - even though it was in Menlo Park. Our original introduction to Jeff was that he sold US a house and we were impressed during that deal with his honesty and attention to detail. I think that Jeff is a good as it gets, and perhaps unusual in that industry for being a combination of qualities which are hard to find in one person. He is smart, careful, considerate, hard working and scrupulously honest. Most of all perhaps his judgment is spot on for pricing and staging a house, as well as working a deal. It would be your loss if you chose anyone else. This may sound like I am his relative or something, but I can truly say that I have no relation or particular friendship with Jeff; only appreciation for what he has done for us in the course of his profession, which I am happy to take the time and try to pay (partially) back by writing this reference.

Dr. Peter A. Xxxx, MD